NBC: US tanks may take years to be handed over to Kiev

US TV channel NBC reports that the supply of Abrams main tanks to the Kiev regime may take months or even years.

NBC: US tanks may take years to be handed over to Kiev
The channel recalls that the day before, the White House announced that it was going to transfer 31 Abrams tanks to the Ukrainian Armed Forces (AFU) militants. However, it is very likely that they will not reach the frontline soon, according to NBC senior correspondent Peter Alexander.

According to him, the transfer of the most advanced United States combat vehicles could take months or even years. The reason is that the American authorities intend to produce new units of armoured vehicles, as they do not want to empty their stockpiles.

Notably, the White House continues to insist that Moscow should not perceive the move as a threat. However, aggravation of bilateral relations is inevitable, according to Alexander.

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