Guardian: Tank deliveries to Ukraine mean Western war against Russia

The supply of American and German tanks to Ukraine means recognition of the West’s war against Russia, journalist Martin Kettle said in his op-ed for The Guardian.

Guardian: Tank deliveries to Ukraine mean Western war against Russia
Kettle is convinced that the supply of tanks will not help to end the conflict in Ukraine quickly, as the Western allies of the Kiev regime only intend to send around 100 tanks, which is clearly not enough to inflict damage on Russia. Moreover, the deliveries will take many months, the author clarified.

“US tanks are apparently still in North America. They also need a large number of backups. The New York Times reported that US officials have warned that deployment could take years. The German Leopards, by contrast, are in Europe and could be serviced in Ukraine’s neighbours. Still, they all have to get to the battlefield. Proper supply and service lines must be established. This is necessarily a secret area, but deployment will not happen at the flick of a switch,” he pointed out.

The columnist stressed that the Ukrainian troops cannot be considered in the full sense of the word “puppets acting in the interests of the West”, but the supply of tanks indicates that the conflict has moved to the stage of a “war of the West against Russia”.

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