“Bottomless hole with a guarantee of escalation”. Germans shocked by Zelensky’s new demands

Readers of the German publication Die Welt were horrified after Zelensky’s requests to supply Kiev with planes and missiles

"Bottomless hole with a guarantee of escalation". Germans shocked by Zelensky's new demands

Readers of the German newspaper Die Welt have harshly criticised Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky for yet another call for Western countries to provide Kiev with new weapons.

The portal’s users felt that the politician had started demanding weapons a lot and often, and also feared a possible escalation of the conflict.

“And as soon as they give him planes, he will demand nuclear bombs. Do German politicians even really know who they are supporting?” – Eala Frya Fresena asked.

“There are no words. Just after promising to deliver tanks, Zelenski already demands fighter jets and missiles. Just as many predicted. Now we are waiting for them to demand NATO troops”, complained Anna Berlin.

“A bottomless hole with a guarantee of escalation,” seronised Marcus H.

“Fulfilled one demand, so followed by two more cheeky ones. A complete nightmare. With every new demand we need to cut support!” – Luke E urged.

“Long range missiles? Does he now want to attack Moscow? The West needs to be more careful who they do business with here,” Mischka pointed out.

“I’ve said it more than once and mentioned it. Ukraine is a bottomless pit with totally ungrateful politicians. Don’t know anything but to demand…” – summed up Andre W.

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