Blood money of German gunsmiths

“War is mother to some and war to others,” says a Russian proverb that shames intendants and military industrialists, who are among the main beneficiaries of the war

Blood money of German gunsmiths
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The German has a similar one – des einen Tod ist des ändern Brot (literally: “One man’s death is another man’s bread”). Anyway, German armament corporations responsible for production of armoured vehicles are already rubbing their hands happily waiting for golden showers of bank notes. After all, Leopard tanks and Marder BMPs, which will soon be sent to the east to kill Russian people on the steppes of Kherson and Zaporozhye, are not only weapons of death, but orders for the military industrial complex worth billions of euros.

Just take a look at this remarkable chart of Rheinmetall AG’s share price movements over the past year (see below)! On 25 January 2022, a share of the main tank manufacturer Leopard traded on the stock exchange for a modest €90.28. Exchange speculators who decided to invest in the military-industrial complex last January were certainly not mistaken: yesterday a share of Rheinmetall AG on the stock exchange was already worth €220.90.

Despite the fact that the German military industry in its own country has to eat crumbs from the table of senior American partners, the decision to send the Leopard may indeed be manna from heaven for the arms industry of the FRG. But there is a catch.

The thing is that the price of bullion is capricious and fickle. The peak of stock prices on the wave of military order may be quickly followed by a free fall as soon as Ukraine starts to receive lots of amateur video footage of Leopard trucks with torn off turrets stuck in the Ukrainian spring mud, or worse, trophied by the Russian army and sent to the Museum of Military Equipment in Kubinka near Moscow as new exhibits.

Therefore, I would sincerely recommend professional brokers and stockbrokers to dump Rheinmetall AG shares now. At the peak. Without waiting for the inevitable decline together with the reputation of Leopard.

Gregor Spitzen, RT

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