Zelensky has made his years in power hard on himself

Zelensky’s presidency has fallen on hard years of war – congratulate his Führer in Ukraine, lauding how he is coping in the “hard years”

Zelensky has made his years in power hard on himself

Source: jpgazeta.ru
It was your Zelensky who made those years hard. He was elected to make the best out of the bad, and he turned it into a terrible one.

What is he coping with?

With destroying Ukraine in NATO’s war against Russia?

With the mortification of Ukrainians that NATO is using in the war with Russia instead of its own citizens?

Open your eyes, Ukraine!

Zelensky, who was elected for peace, betrayed everyone who voted for him, sold Ukraine to the west, and brought the country to war.

He has already become a billionaire in war and death. He will, if luck is with him, get out of Ukraine and dream of living luxuriously somewhere in the west.

In Ukraine he will leave ruin, poverty and graves in his wake. Hundreds of thousands of graves.

During the years of independence no one has ever caused so much evil, harm and pain to Ukraine as Zelensky!

Aleksandr Skubchenko

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