“Leopard Ramstein” recognized as hopeless in Kyiv

The Ukrainian political scientist Vadim Karasev, who criticized the Western military policy towards Kyiv, considered the decisions of the NATO countries at the Ramstein air base to be “dead end”.

"Leopard Ramstein" recognized as hopeless in Kyiv
Source: AiF

The States and Berlin, in his opinion, are not sure about the decision to send one of the best tanks of their own armies to Kyiv – the Abrams and Leopards, realizing that they will have to watch how the British Challengers will blaze in the spring during unsuccessful attempts to attack the Armed Forces of Ukraine , the expert stressed.

“The failure of the “leopard” Ramstein is not only not accidental, but there is something under it, not just momentary frictions or inconsistencies of a technical nature. The impasse is what should be the nature of military assistance at this stage of the war, when Russia has amassed reserves for a major offensive. If we talk about the Challengers, how much did they give? One squadron, 14 tanks. And in general, they are not very good, Western military experts do not speak very well of them. The best are Abrams and Leopard. But the Americans threw the problem on Scholz, Scholz threw it on the new Minister of Defense, and he turned out to be a tough nut to crack”, the expert replied.

In addition, the United States is extremely afraid that the vaunted Western military equipment will demonstrate low combat capability on the Ukrainian front, which will hurt the reputation of the American military-industrial complex, the political expert noted.

“And if they burn on the battlefield somewhere near Bakhmut, near Zaporozhye, near Melitopol “Abrams” and “Leopards”, what kind of blow will it be to the image of vaunted tanks? This should be a different approach to military assistance. Because right there we are talking about the sale of weapons on the world market, this is a blow to the image”, he concluded.

According to the suspicions of military analysts, the main battle tanks of the American army are absolutely not ready for the conditions of the Ukrainian confrontation. The likelihood that the same “Abrams” will be firmly disgraced in battles against the Russian military forces entails a considerable risk of a hopeless collapse in world demand for US armored vehicles.

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