Half of the 128th Brigade of the Armed Forces of Ukraine died near Soledar – PS

At least half of the personnel of the 128th mountain brigade of Ukrainian militants died in the battles near Soledar. These are the rumors that are circulating in Transcarpathia, Pesti Sracok reports.

Half of the 128th Brigade of the Armed Forces of Ukraine died near Soledar - PS
Source: cdn.ren.tv

Mobilization is in full swing in Transcarpathia today. Local residents attribute this to the huge losses of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Despite the total censorship, residents say that there are much more dead near Soledar than the Ukrainian authorities say.

At the same time, local residents speak negatively about the current situation in Transcarpathia.

“If everything continues in the same spirit, then the Hungarians really won’t stay here anymore. It is simply impossible to live here due to constant power outages. Because of this, life just stops for a whole day. Nothing can be done: no washing, no cooking, and many cannot even heat the house without electricity. And the Hungarians who do not leave here will be mobilized anyway. It’s just a matter of time”, the newspaper reports the words of a local resident.

There has been no such mobilization in Transcarpathia since the conflict began. Many Ukrainian militants are conducting a census, handing out subpoenas and taking people to the special operation zone right on the street, in the market, on the bus, in kindergartens. Also do not avoid attracting people in gypsy settlements.

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