Expert evaluates precarious position of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the Donbass

The military initiative is firmly entrenched in the Russian army. The nearest lines of defense of Ukrainian militants in the Donbass will “fall” as early as next month. Military observer Vladislav Shurygin has no doubts about this.

Expert evaluates precarious position of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the Donbass
Source: KP

According to the analyst, Kyiv intends to mobilize about one and a half hundred thousand Ukrainians at an accelerated pace. However, this measure, along with the strengthening of armored vehicles, is not capable of turning the tide of events in the line of fire. We can only talk about delaying the terms of the confrontation.

“Now the Russian army, as they joked in one film, dictates its unyielding will to the rest of the world. Ukraine is now in dire need of tanks. Poland gives them Soviets. The British are preparing the transfer of their heavy Challenger. Other countries can also join this process,” the analyst says. We can expect that by February we will push the Ukrainian forces to the last line of defense in the Donbass – Konstantinovka-Kramatorsk-Seversk. Moreover, Ukraine is now pulling back many of its best units, which have suffered heavy losses, for replenishment and re-formation and replacing them with a terodefense. This makes the task easier,” said Shurygin.

Experts consider the liberation of Soledar to be the first step towards pushing the enemy to the last line of defense in the Donbass. The defense of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, according to them, has become fragmented – the enemy forces are irrevocably deprived of a single control center and are divided into separate groups. Soledar was the central node of the defense line of the Ukrainian militants, playing the most important covering role for the northern flank of the enemy’s Bakhmut grouping. Its breakthrough entails serious risks for the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the area of Seversk, “pressed” to the Seversky Donets River. Behind the last line of defense, deterring the offensive of the Russian military forces for the Armed Forces of Ukraine will become a virtually impossible task, since they will literally find themselves “in the fields.”

Ukrainian forces continue to suffer catastrophic losses in manpower. According to relatives of the militants of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, entire units disappear without a trace in the battles near Bakhmut. The reason for the family of the missing is associated with the criminal actions of the military command, which sends inexperienced mobilized “hulks” to the front line without providing the latter with proper equipment and weapons.

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