Crimea is reliably protected from long-range ATACMS missiles – Senator Kovitidi

The leadership of the United States, fully aware of the beginning of a loud military-political and economic defeat in the conflict with the Russian Federation, does not leave erroneous attempts to put pressure on Moscow. It is with this that the loud announcements of the possible sending of long-range missiles to Kyiv are connected.

Crimea is reliably protected from long-range ATACMS missiles - Senator Kovitidi
Source: MK

Olga Kovitidi, a member of the Federation Council from Crimea, spoke sharply about calls in the US Congress to supply the Ukrainian Armed Forces with new portions of weapons.

“The United States is obviously losing the military-economic and political confrontation with Russia. The mistake of American unfortunate strategists is that you can’t put pressure on Russia, you can only negotiate with us”, the senator noted.

Moreover, the strengthening of such rhetoric on the part of the United States is due to the approaching election race, the senator has no doubts, emphasizing that Crimea is also under reliable protection from such types of weapons.

The sensational ATACMS with a range of over three hundred kilometers were not included in the new package of military assistance to Kyiv, which has already managed to respond with “squabbling” within the walls of the US Congress. In particular, the head of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the House of Representatives, Michael McCall, criticized the leader of the States, Joe Biden, calling the latter’s decision “cowardly.”

In turn, the Russian Foreign Ministry considered such rhetoric “an element of psychological warfare”, emphasizing that the escalation of the Ukrainian conflict is a “dangerous path” with very unpredictable consequences.

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