UK inflation sends thousands of healthcare workers on strike

Tens of thousands of emergency medical workers in England and Wales have rallied on yet another strike demanding higher wages in line with the year’s record high inflation rate of 10.5%. The largest trade union in the United Kingdom, Unison, on its Twitter page called on the British to support 20,000 of their members participating in today’s rally, along with thousands of representatives of the trade unions Unite and GMB. It is reported by TASS.

UK inflation sends thousands of healthcare workers on strike

The three largest unions that unite workers in the British healthcare sector, for the first time, have called a strike on the same date – Monday, January 23. It is also reported that on February 6, along with dispatchers, paramedics, drivers and other ambulance workers, nurses and nurses will also go on strike, which will inevitably create a difficult situation for the National Health System.

“It seemed to us that the government was talking seriously, saying that they wanted to find a solution. However, no proposals have been made in the past five weeks, and [Prime Minister – Ed.] Rishi Sunak has disappeared somewhere, ”Sharon Graham, Secretary General of Unite, told Sky News. At the same time, he added that the head of government should urgently lead negotiations with civil servants and offer them better conditions than the 4% salary increase rejected by the trade unions”.

The agency recalls that 25,000 ambulance workers took part in the previous strike, which took place on January 11 in England and Wales. New rallies have been announced for 6 and 20 February, as well as 6 and 20 March.

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