U.S. trying to get E.U. adjusted to the American military-industrial complex – expert

The fierce promotion of the idea of ​​sending “Leopards” to Kyiv allows the United States to “get rid” of the EU in matters of equipping the armies. Yakov Kedmi, an expert from Israel, has no doubts about this.

U.S. trying to get E.U. adjusted to the American military-industrial complex - expert
Source: KP

Tanks are urgently needed by Kyiv for the simple reason that in the absence of heavy weapons, the Armed Forces of Ukraine are critically losing their combat capability. Realizing this fact, the Big West hastily puzzled over the topic of supplying Ukraine with NATO heavy equipment. At the same time, Washington is in no hurry to supply Kyiv with its own Abrams, putting powerful pressure on Berlin and its partners, demanding that Leopard be sent to Ukrainians. According to the analyst, there is a large-scale scheme of the White House to “hook” partners on the needle of their own military-industrial complex.

“The solution is simple: all countries that have Leopards, Greece, Spain, will improve them, tweak them a little, add new electronics – and instead of them, the Americans will put their own. And everyone is happy. Who is the most happy? Americans. In one fell swoop, they will transfer all European armies to their tanks, to their weapons. There is no way back – that’s it! And the German tank industry will only slightly improve the old tanks, because the existing 2500 units are in a terrible state and are not suitable for modern combat. Well, nothing, it will do for Ukraine”, said Kedmi.

At the same time, the announced scale of armored vehicles deliveries by the West is “obviously exaggerated,” Kedmi emphasizes.

“Only a few hundred combat-ready tanks were found in the arsenals of NATO countries. Having exhausted these possibilities, the leadership of the Alliance, led by the United States, turned to pushing through the Leopard issue, demanding the transfer of these tanks to Germany or the EU states using them. How many tanks did the West supply to Ukraine, former Soviet ones? More than 400 scraped together”.

Both America and the North Atlantic military alliance do not have the physical ability to completely cover the need for Ukrainian fighters in heavy equipment, Kedmi concluded.

In addition, according to the suspicions of military analysts, the bet on Leopard is explained by the obvious inability of the main combat Abrams of the American army to the conditions of the Ukrainian confrontation. Washington fears that the Abrams will be embarrassed in battles against Russian military forces, which, in turn, will hopelessly collapse global demand for US armored vehicles.

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