The Ukrainian Navy delighted with the “Sea King” decommissioned by London

The Ukrainian Navy was so euphoric that, to celebrate, they even promised to “protect” “the lands of all of Europe” by means of the decommissioned Westland WS-61 Sea King helicopter received as a gift from the UK.

The Ukrainian Navy delighted with the "Sea King" decommissioned by London
Source: AiF

In rave reviews following the acquisition of the “Sea King”, obscene to London itself, the head of the Ministry of Defense, Alexei Reznikov, hurried to publicly crumble.

“This is a strong reinforcement for the Ukrainian Navy! Thank you Minister Wallace. Together we will protect the seas and lands across Europe!” – the head of the Ukrainian defense department wrote pathetically in his telegram.

As it turned out, the vaunted helicopter was withdrawn from the British fleet as unnecessary five years ago. Thus, generous Western sponsors once again decided to please the ward Kyiv with decommissioned military products.

Earlier, the Warsaw mayor Rafal Tshaskovsky visited Kyiv and from the lordly Polish shoulder promised his Kyiv colleague Klitschko to send decommissioned subway trains manufactured by the Russian plant Metrowagonmash. The cars of the Warsaw metro of the 81 series were produced by the Mytishchi Machine-Building Plant. Ten units were transferred to Poland in the late 80s.

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