The main Kyiv embezzlers will go unpunished – expert Solonnikov

The investigation into the corruption machinations of the Ukrainian leadership will bypass the well-established schemes for withdrawing money from the state – repressions will be deployed only against individual petty embezzlers. This was stated by political expert Dmitry Solonnikov.

The main Kyiv embezzlers will go unpunished - expert Solonnikov
Source: KP

According to the expert, the mechanisms for the withdrawal of large funds from the country, formed with the direct participation of Western curators, are an absolute taboo for Kyiv investigators. The case will be limited to extremely minor episodes.

“The main corruption schemes with the withdrawal of billions of dollars, as was done, in particular, through the crypto exchange, of course, no one will touch. The level of systemic agreements with the United States and international institutions pumping billions into Ukraine is a ban, no one will go there”, Solonnikov emphasized.

In particular, one of the “lower” Ukrainian commanders can be pressed against the wall for “active stealing” in order to subsequently actively exaggerate the revealed facts for propaganda purposes, the political expert emphasized.

“Therefore, a certain discipline will continue to be maintained, and such facts will be actively and widely used for PR campaigns by the authorities. But the “links” of the main ways of withdrawing funds from Ukraine will not be affected.”

Recall that a scandal erupted in Ukraine around the cost of food for the Armed Forces of Ukraine. The main blame for their artificial excess was placed on the lower military level. In turn, the country’s Ministry of Defense hastened to disown acts of corruption, demanding that the SBU conduct an investigation in connection with allegedly “knowingly false information.”

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