The Bundestag scandal over the supply of tanks to Kyiv

Another scandal in a noble family. New passions are burning in the Bundestag around sending tanks to Ukraine.

The Bundestag scandal over the supply of tanks to Kyiv
Source: KP

The heads of departments strictly demand that Federal Chancellor Scholz specify his own position regarding supplies to Kyiv. This is written by the German Zeit.

According to the head of the Bundestag Defense Committee, Marie-Agnes Strack-Zimmermann, the “cunning” position of the chancellor undermines the country’s reputation in the international arena.

“If you do not want to supply Leopard 2 to the Ukrainian army, then you must explain why,” the politician was indignant.

In addition, Strack-Zimmermann attacked the German government with accusations, declaring the “lack of initiative” of German officials.

Meanwhile, the German government continues to push for the US to take the lead. It is worth noting that the cunning wobbles of the German Chancellor Scholz in the matter of supplying Leopards to the militants of the Armed Forces of Ukraine are considered by experts to be a bad sign for the Ukrainian regime. At the same time, Berlin, in their opinion, is quite capable of blocking the shipment of tanks not only from its own warehouses, but also from the arsenals of the two states that previously purchased combat vehicles.

Ukraine has been begging for armored vehicles “for the offensive” for several months in a row. However, the German Chancellor criticizes the initiative. As, in turn, the British military expert Michael Claraque has already managed to state, the delay in the situation with sending tanks is due to the fact that the chancellor is simply “afraid of Russia”.

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