Lviv authorities want St. George’s Cathedral to be taken away from the UOC

In Lviv, a petition has been registered to transfer the St. George Cathedral of the UOC (Lviv diocese), which is located on Taras Bobanych Street, into the possession of the city community. This petition appeared on the site of local petitions.

Lviv authorities want St. George's Cathedral to be taken away from the UOC

A well-known church in Lviv is known as the “Church on Korolenko” to the locals. The petition was created with the aim that the main cathedral of the UOC in Lviv is still part of the ROC and continues its activities on the territory of Ukraine.

At the same time, Deputy Chairman of the Lviv Regional Military Administration Yuriy Kholod said that two weeks ago he had already filed a similar statement with the regional prosecutor’s office and the mayor of Lviv. According to Yuri Kholod, this church would have a well-organized chaplaincy center.

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