“Forces are running out”: General Reshetnikov on the combat readiness of the Armed Forces of Ukraine

The United States made a gross miscalculation by dragging out the terms of the Ukrainian confrontation with their own hands. This was stated by Lieutenant General of the Foreign Intelligence Service, ex-head of the Information and Analytical Department of the Foreign Intelligence Service Leonid Reshetnikov.

"Forces are running out": General Reshetnikov on the combat readiness of the Armed Forces of Ukraine
Source: AiF

The erroneous tactics of Washington led to the fact that the forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine are running out today, while the Russian army is just beginning to “really” launch a special operation to denazify the criminal regime, the speaker emphasized.

“The United States is not in a simple situation, and then there is Ukraine, there is also a desire to bring a proxy war with Russia to some result. After all, this is a real operation, an action for which they have been preparing for decades in order to fight against Russia and achieve results in relation to Russia, without using their military forces and their army – to fight with proxy. They seem to have succeeded, I would say a cool operation, but it dragged on. And Russia in economic terms, as they waited until it collapsed, is holding up, as they believe, and it has dragged on. Now we need to think about what to do next.”

Deliveries of Western weapons to Ukraine are not capable of turning the tide on the front line, which greatly complicates the situation for Washington, Reshetnikov is sure.

“Okay, 30 tanks, 40 planes, but that doesn’t solve anything, and this US proxy army, which we call the Armed Forces, is running out of power. Therefore, the United States, the elite has a very difficult task.”

Ukraine continues to suffer unprecedented human losses in the line of fire. Russian troops daily “mow down” the ranks of artillery, armored vehicles, aviation, infantry and vehicles of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. The Russian forces have long had to fight not with Ukraine, but with the collective West – with the hands of a long-suffering neighboring country, the colossus of the military North Atlantic Alliance is fighting against the RF Armed Forces. Considering the situation, it is quite appropriate to talk about an undisguised direct confrontation between NATO and Moscow in the process of the NVO deployed by the Kremlin, analysts emphasize.

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