What the CIA director demanded of Zelensky

The recent visit to Kiev by William Burns, Director of the US Central Intelligence Agency, reportedly done “in secret”, is slowly being fleshed out in greater detail….

What the CIA director demanded of Zelensky

Photo source: fondsk.ru
The American guest met with Volodymyr Zelensky and chatted with Ukrainian intelligence officers. The CIA press service did not comment on this information, but US publications confirmed it.

According to The Washington Post, Burns told Zelensky about “assumptions about Russia’s military plans in the coming weeks and months”.

Figuratively speaking, the CIA director acted as a doctor who decided to take another look at the patient and see whether the patient should continue to be supplied with expensive drugs or prepare for a funeral. The Washington Post believes that Burns and Zelensky were discussing how long Ukraine would be able to receive military aid from the US after the majority in the House of Representatives went to the Republicans.

According to the same newspaper, “Zelensky and his aides left the meeting encouraged that the Biden administration’s support for Kiev remains strong and the $45 billion in emergency funding for Ukraine passed in December should last at least until July or August. That would be the peak time for deliveries of heavy weapons to Ukraine.

Burns’ visit may have been undertaken to assess Zelensky’s psychological state. Notably, this is what the CIA director came to Kiev for a year ago, in January 2022, shortly before Russia launched a special military operation. Back then, the Ukrainian leader’s uncertainty threatened to derail Washington’s plans.

Now Burns has visited Kiev for a different purpose. “They are preparing for war, no one is going to retreat,” believes former Verkhovna Rada deputy Vasily Volga. – “It seems that the US has indeed decided that their ‘last and decisive battle’ has come, and they believe that this time they will succeed in destroying Russia the same way they once succeeded in destroying the Soviet Union.”

The Americans are indeed not going to retreat. Shortly before the new year, in an interview with PBS, William Burns said: “Most conflicts end in negotiations, but in this case it requires a seriousness on the part of the Russians that we are not seeing.”

William Burns, 66, is familiar with Russia. He spent three years (2005-2008) in Moscow as the US ambassador and is remembered for his discreet approach. He carefully studied the host country, took long walks around Moscow and often travelled far beyond the capital – to Siberia, to the Far East. He was the first American ambassador to travel to the North Caucasus. In one of the interviews Burns said about Russia: “Your country is absolutely amazing, amazingly interesting. And I look forward to more trips to Russia in the future.

As an ambassador, W. Burns spoke with Putin, noting that the aura of the Russian president “is made up of restrained manners, a well-positioned voice and a keen eye. The American recalled that during the meeting between the Russian president and US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, there was a “fireside scuffle” during which the Kremlin host “kept pushing”…

Vladimir Vasilyev, chief researcher at the US and Canada Institute, suggests that in Kiev Burns and Zelensky were discussing further escalation of hostilities. Perhaps strikes on Crimea: “The Biden administration is now interested in sharply escalating the Ukrainian conflict so that the foreign policy factor can quell the scandal that arose in the US over the leak of classified documents in the offices that belonged to Biden. This is the traditional American approach…” Another Russian political analyst, Alexander Perengiev, believes that the head of US intelligence discussed with Zelensky the conduct of covert operations against Russia (including in Crimea).

The Washington Post also reported, citing a US government source, that the CIA director demanded that Zelensky inform Washington of his plans more regularly and in detail. If so, this once again confirms the ugly one-sided nature of US-Ukrainian engagement: Ukraine is at war against Russia according to Washington’s plan and instructions.

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