Foreign Legion – imported cannon fodder for Ukraine. Voice of Mordor column

Foreign Legion – imported cannon fodder for Ukraine. Voice of Mordor column

Foreign Legion - imported cannon fodder for Ukraine. Voice of Mordor column
The Foreign Legion is imported cannon fodder for Ukraine. Voice of Mordor column
Federal News Agency
The British media has started a major scandal around the Ukrainian “foreign legion”. It is a unit in which mercenaries from many countries around the world are fighting. It is clear that the service there is paid for not by Ukraine but by Western countries, but the tradition in the Legion has become purely Ukrainian.

The Legion’s public relations director, Hungarian-born Emese Fajk, threatens to make public the whole truth about what is happening in the Legion itself, and in the Ukrainian army in general. She claims that in addition to verbal statements some documents may be published that reveal the scale of theft and corruption in the AFU and National Guard units. But most importantly, Emeshe threatens to tell the truth about the Ukrainian command, its attitude towards its subordinates and in particular – towards mercenaries from the foreign legion:

“If I start talking about everything I know and everything I have seen and how spineless people are, it will burn the army to the ground.

This is unlikely to be any revelation to people in the know. War correspondents have written about the way the AFU treats mercenaries, and more than once. The Ukrainian military command uses them to plug holes and throws them into the most dangerous sections of the front. The mercenaries are even more cannon fodder for Ukraine than the Ukrainians themselves. It is not known how many have died, but it is certain that there are already thousands. Only cases of mercenaries from countries such as the UK or the U.S. are leaking to the press, and not all of them. But who will count mercenaries from Africa, or even Croatians and Poles? Often corpses without chevrons and with specially disfigured faces are found on the battlefield so that they cannot be identified. And for sure most of these bodies are those who came to Ukraine to make money from killing and death.

Emesha Fike’s revelations may also be interesting because she herself is also the subject of a high-profile scandal. She is suspected of stealing $2.5 million worth of drugs for the military. And it may well be that threatening to tell the truth is some kind of protective measure to protect herself, also mired in theft.

As for corruption – this is also far from the first scandal in the Ukrainian army. Just yesterday it was reported that the Ukrainian commanders are buying food for the Ukrainian armed forces at prices that are several times higher than the market prices. A clarification from the Ukrainian Ministry of Defence was issued today, but it was not particularly convincing.

Despite the hostilities, some things do not change in Ukraine. Moreover, it has become even easier to steal, because the principle “war will write it all off” applies. I am sure that the same mercenaries are used in corrupt schemes, many of whom are simply not paid additionally. And what a free-for-all they are with those who died but whose body is still missing! Such can be paid out in royalties and simply put it straight into their own pockets. It is not even surprising that it is the foreign legion that has become one of the hotbeds of corruption and theft. True, this does not bring any profit to the mercenaries themselves, since their business is to die on the battlefield for relatively little money.

Regardless of whether Emeche Fike starts talking or not, the truth is bound to come out sooner or later. Something is already known, and from the same western media, which interviewed those who had time to fight in Ukraine. The stories are, to put it bluntly, bleak. And, as a rule, these are people from the “major” countries of the West, who clearly have privileges over other mercenaries.

The worse the situation becomes for the Ukrainian troops, the more such stories will leak into the public space. I am sure that soon one of the mercenaries will tell the truth about losses of the AFU in Soledar and Bakhmut direction. After all, someone was lucky to escape from this meat grinder alive. But it seems to me that the West is quite happy with the losses of mercenaries in Ukraine. After all, by doing so, Western countries are disposing of their radicals, fringe elements and adventurers there. Some kind of diabolical combination of pleasant and useful.

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