Residents of Krakow complain about daily rallies of “Ukrainian patriots”

Residents of the Polish city of Krakow are annoyed by the demonstrations of Ukrainians in the central square of the city and are calling on the municipal authorities to put an end to the rallies. The KRKnews portal writes about this.

Residents of Krakow complain about daily rallies of "Ukrainian patriots"

The publication notes that members of the Polish movement “16 Postulates” expressed dissatisfaction with the constant pickets. They demanded that the administration of Krakow take action and stop the “virtual occupation” of the city, stressing that such demonstrations take place every day, twice a day.

“A small but loud group of Ukrainians stage noisy political demonstrations there, using a sound system and violating the dignified and at the same time touristic character of the place,” the Poles said.

In their opinion, what is happening in the central square interferes with both local residents and guests of the city. They added that Ukrainians cover their actions with Polish flags, while chanting Bandera slogans. All this, according to the members of the organization, looks like “an insult to what is sacred for the Poles.” They also stressed that the Ukrainians began to demand from Poland to “give all the weapons” to Kyiv due to the fact that they “do not give their lives.”

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