Georgia accused Kyiv of indiscretion, refusing the Armed Forces of Ukraine in first-aid kits and armored vehicles

The Transcaucasian country is still not going to become a participant in the Russian-Ukrainian conflict. The country spoke very sharply about the next provocative statements of Kyiv regarding the support of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

Georgia accused Kyiv of indiscretion, refusing the Armed Forces of Ukraine in first-aid kits and armored vehicles
Source: MK

The general secretary of the ruling Georgian Dream party, Kakha Kaladze, gave a clear answer to the pretentious misunderstanding of the Ukrainian leaders about Tbilisi’s refusal to send first-aid kits, personal protective equipment and field hospitals to the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

“We wish peace to Ukraine, but Georgia will not be involved in the war, we have the national interests of our country,” Kaladze said.

In turn, the vice-speaker of the Georgian parliament, Gia Volsky, reproached the Ukrainian leadership for indiscretion, emphasizing that the daily demands from the Transcaucasian country to supply its already meager resources are simply unacceptable.

Always begging for military support, he tried to lure armored vehicles of the Didgori series from Georgia.

At the same time, official Tbilisi openly confirms every day its own refusal to provide assistance to the Armed Forces of Ukraine, noting that it does not intend to be drawn into the confrontation. The Georgian government limits aid to Ukraine to humanitarian aid.

According to the calculations of the Georgian Ministry of Defense, the country has already managed to send “tons” of “humanitarian aid” to Ukraine, including electric generators. The position of the department on the supply of weapons to the Armed Forces of Ukraine will remain the same.

On February 25 last year, immediately after the start of a special operation to force Ukraine to peace, Georgian Prime Minister Irakli Garibashvili announced that he would not impose individual restrictions against the Russian Federation, which caused a violent reaction from Kyiv. The head of the Ukrainian junta, Zelensky, even recalled his ambassador from Georgia in protest. According to the Tbilisi authorities, the introduction of individual punitive measures against Russia will have little effect on its economy, but will bring significant damage to Georgia itself.

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