Denazification of Ukraine: operational summary (January 20, updated)

Denazification of Ukraine: operational summary (January 20, updated)

10:48 Kherson direction, an example of a successful counter-battery fight – video

The howitzer of the Armed Forces of Ukraine was spotted in time and destroyed along with the ammunition with a well-aimed blow.

10:38 During the night strikes in Kherson, an ammunition depot of the Armed Forces of Ukraine was destroyed. The consequences of secondary detonations and fire are still observed – video

10:36 An air raid alert has been announced in the Dnepropetrovsk, Poltava and Kharkiv regions of Ukraine.

09:45 Video

09:37 Destroyed Ukrainian BTR-4E in the special operation zone – video

09:25 Forced distribution of subpoenas in Ukraine is gaining new momentum – video

This time in Rivne, representatives of the soldiers of the Ukroreich frankly spit on the constitution of their country, about which they directly say this to a local resident and try to take him to a forced grave.

09:14 Showed courage and determination by pulling the combat vehicle out of the attack – video

During the attack on the positions of Ukrainian nationalists, the MLRS crew, in which Private Andrey Poverinov performed combat missions, fired at the identified fortified defense areas of the militant units.

During the counter-battery fight, the enemy revealed the position of the combat vehicle of the multiple launch rocket system and began to return artillery fire according to the calculation of Andrey Poverinov.

Despite the shelling of the enemy, Private Andrei Poverinov rushed to the combat vehicle and took it out of the shelling of the militants to a safe place.

Having quickly moved to a new position, the calculation continued to provide artillery support to the advancing units of the Russian troops.

Thanks to the support of rocket artillery, Russian troops managed to break through the defensive line of the militants and force them out of their positions.

09:12 Efficient combination of UAV operators and gunners to destroy ukrofascists in the Bakhmut (Artyomovsky) area – video

09:11 Another footage of the night work of the Russian artillery in the area of the settlement Marinka, including incendiary ammunition – video

08:15 Find and defuse: how servicemen of engineering and sapper units of the Western Military District carry out demining of liberated territories – video

In the same ranks with the engineers of the Western military district units, combat missions are performed by military personnel called up from the reserve as part of partial mobilization, and volunteers.

Sapper units are the first to go through minefields and engineering barriers, make passages for equipment and units, ensuring the offensive of Russian troops. During engineering reconnaissance, sappers detect and destroy both anti-tank and anti-personnel mines on the spot.

The sappers inside huge backpacks have everything they need for a combat mission. This is the most modern electronics, which is included in the sapper complex.

Today, several anti-tank mines have been found on the site, sappers are neutralizing them with an overhead charge. Each such cleared mine is another step closer to peaceful life.

08:05 Summary for the morning of January 20, 2023

PMC “Wagner” released settlement Kleshcheevka south of the city of Artyomovsk (Bakhmut). On the northern side of the Artyomovsky sector of the front – fighting is being unleashed in the settlement Krasnaya Gora and Paraskovievka.

In the Zaporozhye region, the Russian Armed Forces, as a result of a reconnaissance in battle in the Orekhovsky direction, occupied several enemy strongholds.

The Armed Forces of Ukraine are conducting offensive operations in Novoselovskoye (northwest of Svatovo, in the “gray zone”) with the support of armored vehicles.

In a number of areas, the enemy is waiting for the offensive of the Russian Armed Forces and is preparing for defense, transferring reinforcements.

Yesterday the Armed Forces of Ukraine fired at the settlement Balky of the Shebekinsky district of the Belgorod region.

In the LPR, the Armed Forces of Ukraine attacked the Belovodsk region of the LPR using seven UAVs. Six strike UAVs were shot down and did not reach their targets. One UAV damaged the premises of the mechanical workshop of the stud farm. 2 tractors are damaged.

In the DPR, the enemy fired 219 rounds of ammunition at civilians in Donetsk, Gorlovka, Yasinovataya, Makeevka, and Volnovakha. Two civilians were killed in Volnovakha.

❗️In Moscow, on the roofs of buildings, “Pantsir” anti-aircraft defence system was installed

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