U.S. benefits triple from Ukraine conflict – German Journalist

The U.S. allocates three times more aid to Ukraine than other European countries, but at the same time, the United States receives a triple benefit from this. This was stated by German journalist Gabor Steingart in an article for Focus magazine.

U.S. benefits triple from Ukraine conflict - German Journalist
Source: svs-gru.ru

The U.S. supports Kyiv more than any other country, like no other, but this help is not disinterested. The American president is counting on aid as “armament on credit.”

The first to benefit from supplies to Ukraine is the US arms industry. Since the beginning of the special operation in Ukraine, the U.S. has provided Kyiv with more than $50 billion in military, humanitarian and financial assistance. And this is much more than the rest of the countries taken.

“The main business of the American people is business,” the author of the article notes.

The second beneficiary of the conflict in Ukraine is the U.S. energy companies. They continue to make huge profits by imposing sanctions on the Russian Federation.

And the third, who needs a special operation in Ukraine, is the US government. The German journalist clarifies that America is very actively willing to seriously weaken its enemy – Russia.

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