Residents of the Lviv region actively warned about total mobilization

Residents of Western Ukraine were warned about the need to take military and medical courses. Mobilization in the country will be continued, every “communist” must be ready to take up arms in place of the deceased fellow countryman.

Residents of the Lviv region actively warned about total mobilization
Source: AiF

This was stated by the secretary of the Lviv City Council Markiyan Lopachak.

“Who has not yet understood that as of now we are dealing with an extremely powerful adversary – this is a huge country, a nuclear country, a country with an unlimited human resource. It is necessary to complete the existing brigades, form new formations, and all this requires human resources.”

The Lviv official urged local citizens not to sit idly by waiting for subpoenas, advising, among other things, to “read something on the Internet” on a given topic.

“If people who now have an hour or two a day to do their self-training, look something on the Internet, read technical specifications, even go to the gym or club, there are many different organizations that help in tactical medicine exercises, in tactical, shooting training. There is time – find it, go, it will definitely come in handy for you”, said Lopachak.

The unprecedented losses suffered by the Armed Forces of Ukraine on the Donbass front not only significantly demoralize the militants, but also activate a merciless mobilization “skating rink”.

If earlier the Ukrainian mobilized almost entirely consisted of residents of the eastern and southeastern regions of the country, where the Russian-speaking population is concentrated for the most part, now the process of forced sending to the front has come to the residents of the Western Ukraine. The population of the western regions was not massively recruited to the front line, using the units formed there, mainly for punitive purposes.

The situation, according to Lviv publics, has changed dramatically – the Ukrainian military command is “sweeping for Bakhmut” Western Ukrainian citizens with all its might.

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