“Domino principle”: expert predicts new defeats for the Armed Forces of Ukraine in Donbass

The triumphant defeat of the Ukrainian militants in Soledar added experience to the Russian fighters, and, accordingly, will simplify the assault of the Russian Armed Forces on new settlements in the Donbass. This was stated by military-political expert Alexander Sitnikov.

“Domino principle”: expert predicts new defeats for the Armed Forces of Ukraine in Donbass
Source: MK

The observer emphasizes that the liberation of Soledar was preceded by several intense months of positional battles, during which the Russian military forces gradually crushed the enemy.

“This led to the fact that during this time 90% of the personnel of the 93rd Motorized Brigade were eliminated or seriously injured.”

The Ukrainian Command tried to compensate losses of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in this direction by the mobilized, which, in turn, led to the loss of the village of Yakovlevka by Kyiv. The active assault on the city started only in the last days of December, Sitnikov notes.

“The most experienced warriors are coming out looking for a reason to escape from the Soledar hell. According to rumors, the Bandera fathers-commanders took large sums of money for “escorting the 300th soldiers to the rear, and the number of sick and lightly wounded people who paid a monthly salary of 100 thousand hryvnias for evacuation to the Chasov Yar hospital” has also increased dramatically.

As a source close to the General Staff of Ukraine has already managed to tell, the loss of Soledar was catastrophic for the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the context of the upcoming battles for Artyomovsk (Bakhmut). Having taken the city under control, the Russian military forces will consolidate their success by liberating the nearest settlements.

“Now, in all its glory, an oil painting called “Ukrainian Zakhist Bakhmut” is being drawn. Ukrnet is already explaining why Zaluzhny cannot keep this strategically important city. In the south, “Wagner” needs to take Kleshcheevka, control of which will allow the Russians to go to the highway to Konstantinovka and thereby cover Bakhmut from the south, forming a “noose around the neck of the defenders of independency”. And then, according to the domino effect, the defense in Seversk and Toretsk will fall, followed by the transfer of battles to the Konstantinovka-Druzhkovka-Kramatorsk line,” the analyst concluded.

According to reports, near Artemyovsk, the Armed Forces of Ukraine are suffering large-scale losses, losing five thousand militants every day. According to Western analysts, Bakhmut is turning into a “mass grave” for dozens of units of the Ukrainian army.

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