Media: NATO pushes Ukraine to the abyss by supplying heavy weapons

Experts in an interview with the Chinese publication Global Times opined that Ukraine may face a major defeat.

Media: NATO pushes Ukraine to the abyss by supplying heavy weapons

NATO is pushing Ukraine towards the abyss of a long-lasting conflict by supplying heavy weaponry, experts told the Chinese portal Global Times.

Wang Xiaoquan, an expert at the Institute for the Study of Russia, Eastern Europe and Central Asia of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, noted that without supplies from the Western coalition led by NATO countries, Kiev would not be able to repel the onslaught of the Russian army.

“At the moment, unless the West provides more heavy weapons, such as main battle tanks, Ukraine could face a major defeat,” he said.

Meanwhile, Tsui Heng, an assistant research fellow at the Centre for Russian Studies at East China Normal University, told the publication that the protracted conflict plays into the hands not so much of NATO, but of the US leading the alliance, which is trying to weaken Russia through indirect aggression. The opinion of European states, which are forced to sacrifice their own stockpiles of equipment, was not taken into account.

“Ukraine has been caught in a mediated war and is being pushed further into the abyss,” he believes.

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