Zelensky has confirmed receipt of a three-billion-euro tranche of aid from the EU

Zelenskyy has confirmed receiving a tranche of three billion euros in macro-financial assistance from the EU

Ukraine has received the first tranche of three billion euros from a new EU macro-financing programme, President Vladimir Zelensky has said.

“Ukraine has received the first three billion euros from the new €18 billion macro-financial programme. Thanks to the EU and European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen for the strong support,” he wrote on Twitter.

On 9 November, the European Commission proposed a new programme of macro-financial support for Ukraine worth up to 18bn euros for 2023. The EU institutions then agreed it.

According to the EC, the new macrofinancial support will consist of loans granted on preferential terms with maturities of up to 35 years. For the first ten years there will be a grace period, i.e. the first loan repayments will begin in 2033.

The amount of this macro-financial support package is the largest in the history of the European Union, von der Leyen noted earlier.

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