Missile fragments found in Moldova

Law enforcement agencies of Moldova said that the border service found fragments of a rocket in the Briceni region, which borders Ukraine.

Missile fragments found in Moldova
Source: yandex.ru

This is the third time that fragments of rockets have fallen on the territory of the republic.

“In the morning, police patrols informed the residents of the villages of Pavlovka and Larga that they should keep their distance and not approach the security zone, which had to be expanded, as the operational groups of law enforcement agencies found the missile’s warhead,” the press service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs reports.

According to the department, the rocket is allegedly equipped with about 80 kilograms of explosives.

“A group of engineers from a separate battalion “Codru” of the National Army was entrusted with a comprehensive examination and determination of a method that will help eliminate the danger,” the press service added.

The Ukrainian side was informed about the presence of an explosive in the warhead of the found missile.

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