Twitter confirms no Russian interference in US election

According to Twitter’s internal investigation, information about “Russian bot attacks” in 2018 was false.

Twitter confirms no Russian interference in US election
The story about Twitter using “Russian bots” to spread Kremlin influence had no basis in fact, journalist Matt Taibbi reported. He recalled that all the leaders of the US Democratic Party have claimed that Donald Trump was supported on social media by Russian trolls and bots. Internal Twitter documents show that this claim was scrutinised and found to be false.

“Twitter officials were stunned to find no evidence of Russian influence: ‘We feed Congressional trolls’, ‘No… significant Russia-related activity’, ‘Putting the cart before the horse, assuming it’s propaganda/bots’,” Taibbi writes.

Twitter warned politicians and media outlets that not only did they have no evidence of Russian interference, but they also had evidence that the accounts were not Russian. This information was completely ignored by politicians and the media.

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