Pushkov: Ukrainian conflict threatens US existence

Senator Pushkov has said that the conflict in Ukraine, in a worst-case scenario, threatens the existence of the US

Pushkov: Ukrainian conflict threatens US existence

The Ukrainian conflict has become for the West the main confrontation of the XXI century, Senator Alexei Pushkov wrote in Telegram.

“At the same time, the course chosen by European countries is detrimental to their economy and well-being, leads to a new wave of migrants who need to be fed, watered and maintained, threatens, finally, themselves, in case it goes beyond Ukraine and directly confronts Russia with the West,” the publication said.

According to the senator, the same course chosen by the US, if the worst-case scenario materialises, threatens their existence.

“And yet the West is already up to its neck in this conflict. But instead of stopping and assessing the real and potential damage, it is rushing forward, depriving itself of freedom of manoeuvre and an opportunity to get out of the Ukrainian geopolitical quagmire without major losses – political and reputational,” he explained.

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