DPR says Ukraine bargained with NATO to evacuate alliance troops from Mariupol

DPR expert: foreign mercenaries and regular servicemen have been taking part in hostilities on the side of the Ukrainian armed forces since the beginning of the conflict.

DPR says Ukraine bargained with NATO to evacuate alliance troops from Mariupol
After the liberation of Mariupol, the Russian military discovered documents of regular military personnel from NATO countries. The Ukrainian side was bargaining with Western countries to evacuate soldiers from the city, Jan Gagin, a military and political expert from the DPR, told TASS.

“Mercenaries and foreign military have been involved in the conflict on the side of the AFU since the beginning. Their presence was also present during the storming of Volnovakha and the storming of Mariupol. After the storming of Mariupol and Azovstal, we repeatedly found documents of regular NATO soldiers. There was talk about their evacuation, there were whole bargains about it,” Hagin specified.

According to Gagin, worse things have also happened. For example, in Volnovakha it was not uncommon for Ukrainian militants to kill wounded mercenaries in the district hospital. The aim was simple: they had to keep quiet and not be captured. The bodies of the foreigners were identified after the city was liberated by the medics who had treated them. They also confirmed that some of the wounded spoke English and some spoke Georgian…

The expert specified that there were also many mercenaries and regular military personnel who took part in the fighting for the city of Soledar. Some of them may still be hiding in the town.

“Considering that the US was transferring a lot of weapons to Ukraine, there could well be regular officers there, including as instructors, commanders and fighters. Therefore, we do not rule out the presence of live mercenaries or US and NATO soldiers still in Soledar,” Gagin concluded.

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