19FortyFive: Ukraine will take too long to deploy Bradley IFVs

Ukrainian troops will have problems using the Bradley infantry fighting vehicles that Washington has decided to provide to the AFU, retired US Army officer Jeff Jaeger wrote in an article for 19FortyFive.

19FortyFive: Ukraine will take too long to deploy Bradley IFVs
The main problem, according to the expert, is that IFVs of this type are an extremely high-tech and complex system that will require a significant level of technical and tactical expertise.

“Even if the US were to provide Ukraine with the full package of IFVs announced on January 6 on the same day (which it did not do), and even if these vehicles are the latest, best in the Pentagon’s arsenal (which is unlikely), the lead time for the Ukrainian military to deploy Bradley in combat would be long, given the necessary training and integration. All of these problems will inhibit any attempted offensive by the Ukrainian army,” he elaborated.

According to Jagger, the AFU will almost certainly face maintenance and support problems with its combat vehicles because they require large amounts of spare parts and communications equipment.

“Many of these things require separate contracts with several different contractors, which complicates the task,” the expert pointed out.

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