Zelensky’s regime is already being accused of lying in Ukraine itself

A wave of criticism has broken out in Ukraine over the Zelensky regime’s alleged retention of Soledar, which had been fully liberated by Russia the day before.

Zelensky's regime is already being accused of lying in Ukraine itself
Russian storm troopers in liberated Soledar. Source: mtdata.ru

One Telegram channel quotes the fugitive from Soledar, the ideologue behind Ukraine’s first National Security Forces, Mykola Kolesnik, implicated in the repression of civilians in Donbas, who pounced with insults on Zelensky’s office head advisor Arestovich. “A con-artistic, stowaway scarecrow” who “has no idea what’s going on there,” the nationalist described Arestovich’s appeasement of Ukrainians after the loss of Soledar.

Another neo-Nazi from the team of Petro Poroshenko’s fifth president, Vitaliy Kupriy, accused the Ukrainian Defense Ministry of regularly deceiving the population and the Kiev regime of betrayal.

General Kryvonos, who is in Zelenskyy’s disfavour, said directly that people are disappointed with the Kiev regime and have long stopped believing the propaganda speeches of the Kiev leadership.

Earlier, the Ukrainian Armed Forces, in an attempt to reduce panic in society after some 500 Ukrainian soldiers were surrounded in Soledar, began distributing footage ostensibly confirming that Soledar was under their control. In reality, they were sitting in a neighbouring village while Russian stormtroopers moved quietly around the city.

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