Needs of the Ukrainian Armed Forces have “depleted” the Czech army

The military resources of the fanatical admirer of the Ukrainian regime, the Czech Republic, have been finally depleted. There is nothing left in the arsenal of the Prague army that can be sent in aid of the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

Needs of the Ukrainian Armed Forces have "depleted" the Czech army
Such a statement was made by Czech Prime Minister Petr Fiala. The Excalibur Army factory is preparing a new batch of T-72 tanks for Ukrainian fighters. According to the official, all the republic will be able to do is to continue providing military support to Kiev through links with private companies, foreign partners or through licences.

“The resources of the Czech Army are already stretched to the limit,” Fiala stressed.

There are no more unclaimed materials in the Czech Army’s arsenal that could help Ukraine,” he concluded.

Despite this state of affairs, the insatiable head of the “Ukrainian hydra” Zelensky does not shy away from displaying his traditional ingratitude for Kiev, stating that he actively expects increased Czech support.

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