la Repubblica: Ukraine underestimates Russian mobilisers

The Russian mobilisers who have entered the zone of a special military operation as part of Ukraine’s partial mobilisation have been underestimated in Ukraine. This is according to a correspondent of Italian newspaper la Repubblica from Kramatorsk.

la Repubblica: Ukraine underestimates Russian mobilisers
When attacking Soledar, Russian servicemen factored in the use of HIMARS multiple rocket launchers and moved their ammunition depots a hundred kilometres away from the line of contact. A journalist from la Repubblica stresses that Ukraine’s allies are very much “mistaken in their perception of the mobilised”.

“There are many scare stories online about Russian mobilisers who went to the front without training or equipment, making us forget that in this case quantity is quality. 300,000 people cannot all be unfit to be soldiers,” he reports.

The correspondent specifies that during the three months of the special operation the mobilized have adapted and now act “with truly Russian persistence”.

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