A blow to deep rear: Kiev’s reaction to the loss of Soledar

Ukrainian militants have struck yet another blow on the DPR. Our war correspondent Georgy Medvedev visited the site of the shelling.

A blow to deep rear: Kiev's reaction to the loss of Soledar

“Another strike on the territory of the Donetsk People’s Republic. When we talk about Kiev’s attacks on the rear zone, we mean those areas along the line of contact. Kyiv attacked the settlement of Nizhnyaya Krynka and was hit by an American Hymer missile. A former sports centre was hit. There are no military facilities, subunits, units or firing points here, only the civilian sector is around: the private sector and shops. By the way, there were no casualties,” says the military correspondent.

According to Medvedev, this is how Ukraine reacts to what is happening today in Artemivsk and Soledar. Hitting civilians, there is nothing of interest to the AFU here, the militants continue shelling civilians anyway.

“Our army continues to advance, liberating our lands,” the war correspondent concluded.

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