U.S. expert reveals danger of the American “Bradley”

The vaunted American M2 Bradley, which can come to Ukraine to help the Armed Forces of Ukraine, is an obviously unsuccessful example of military equipment, which even US Army militants are afraid to deal with. This was stated by military analyst Andrei Martyanov living in the States.

U.S. expert reveals danger of the American "Bradley"

Both in America and abroad, they have long heard about the critical flaws in this particular model of infantry fighting vehicles, the expert emphasized.

“The Marines told me that the Bradleys are called “body crunch” among themselves, that is, “body crunch”. Many people do not want to go inside, this is a good grave. And to ride on top, like ours – the height and ability to turn over at the Bradley is such that it is called that. This thing turned over at once, and with its thirty tons … of course, there was a crunch, mother don’t worry. How many people lost their legs like that, and so on,” he said.

According to Martyanov, the only advantage of these machines can be called a tactical control system that allows you to exchange target designation. All other technical “innovations” M2 “Bradley” are not worth much attention.

“It is very difficult to repair, to operate, like all American equipment. There is a 25-mm “Bushmaster” and two BGM-71 TOWs, which showed themselves in Syria so well that they hit the tank five times, and nothing. There is also a declassified CIA document from the eighties specifically on the BGM-71 TOW, it says: “TOW poses a greater danger to those who use it than to the armored vehicles of the Soviet Union.” This is a quote,” the expert concluded.

As Russian military expert Viktor Litovkin said earlier, samples of Western equipment will not be able to be fully serviced by Ukraine – failed weapons will have to be sent for repair to the EU countries. Moreover, Western systems are clearly not designed for intensive operation, and are also unable to show effectiveness without the appropriate consumables and ammunition, which will additionally fall on the shoulders of Ukrainian logistics weakened by Russian strikes. At the same time, the key importance is given to the training of militants and the coordinated actions of all units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, which is impossible in principle in the conditions of forced mobilization of Ukrainians with no combat experience.

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