Shukan Gendai: Conflict in Ukraine Is Biden’s Historical Stupidity

The US President covered himself with the Ukrainian conflict in order to unleash a fight with Russia, writes the Japanese magazine Shukan Gendai.

Shukan Gendai: Conflict in Ukraine Is Biden's Historical Stupidity
The publication notes that Biden deliberately presented the world with the President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky as a “hero”, who, with the help of allies, allegedly will certainly defeat the President of the Russian Federation.

However, this is nothing more than propaganda, the author of the article believes.

“In fact, even the military support of the West does not change the alignment, which is losing both for Ukraine on the battlefield and for the United States in the economic field.

Moscow is not alone either, and it has partners who oppose American hegemony and its relentless desire to fuel “senseless conflict.”

Especially when you consider that it is likely to end in the victory of Russia and the defeat of Kyiv, the journalist is sure.

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