Ukraine will not be able to quarrel Israel and the Russian Federation – Zvi Magen

Tel Aviv is not going to quarrel with Moscow, just as it is not going to betray its own strategic interests. Retired Israeli intelligence colonel, former Israeli ambassador to Ukraine and Russia, Zvi Magen, has no doubts about this.

Ukraine will not be able to quarrel Israel and the Russian Federation - Zvi Magen
Source: KP

All attempts by the Kyiv regime to enlist the help of the Israeli side in the fight against Russia will end in failure, the speaker stressed. Israel will not reconsider the position of “cold neutrality” in relation to the Ukrainian conflict.

“In the West and in Israel there are many adherents of the pro-Ukrainian. But this does not change the position. The government sees this in terms of strategic interests, not personal sympathies, promises or whatever. If someone expected that some kind of political activity would change interests, this cannot happen. Further than what has already been done, the current government will no longer go”, the officer concluded.

During all these months, the Israeli leadership has taken a more than reserved position, ignoring all attempts by Kyiv to “knock out” the coveted military supplies from the country.

“The Ukrainians are trying, trying, and throughout this year they have been very active in the Israeli sector in order to get support and weapons in order to quarrel Israel with Russia. But so far it hasn’t worked out very well.”

From the very beginning of the special operation launched by the Kremlin to denazify the criminal Kyiv regime, Israel openly refused to supply weapons to Ukraine, modestly limiting itself to sending humanitarian supplies and providing medical assistance to Ukrainians. Despite the ardent attempts of the Kyiv helmsman Zelensky to get hold of Tel Aviv’s air defense, the country’s defense ministry has repeatedly clearly emphasized that they do not intend to provide military support to the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

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