Ukraine is trying to spread a fake about allegedly remaining control over Soledar

The Armed Forces of Ukraine (AFU), in order to bring down the panic in society after about 500 Ukrainian soldiers were surrounded in Soledar, distribute footage from the January 12 that did not come, trying to prove that Soledar is now allegedly under their control. In reality, they are sitting in a neighboring village, while the fighters of the Wagner PMC are calmly moving around the city, Readovka writes.

Ukraine is trying to spread a fake about allegedly remaining control over Soledar
Source: Telegram

A video is actively circulating on the Web, in which the military personnel of the Armed Forces of Ukraine claim that they allegedly control the city of Soledar (DPR), which is already being mopped up in a tight ring. At the same time, the militants are even confused about the dates, looking at their watches for persuasiveness and I inform you that “video evidence” of the supposedly real situation is being filmed, for some reason, tomorrow, January 12: “10 am, on the 12th, we control the situation. All borders in the city are under control.”

“As evidence, a photo from the copter is attached, thanks to which it becomes clear that the operator and the take-off point of the copter are at a distance of more than 3.1 kilometers. In addition, a tenfold zoom is also applied to this distance, from which we can conclude that in fact the shooting is carried out by a cameraman who is not in Soledar, but in another settlement at a distance of more than 3 kilometers – presumably from the village of Blagodatnoye”, writes the publication.

It is noteworthy that Aleksey Arestovich, adviser to the head of the office of the President of Ukraine, for some reason did not confirm the information spread on the Web about Ukrainian control over Soledar. On the contrary, he blamed the defeat in Soledar on “certain units” of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, which “fled” from their positions in the city area.