19FortyFive: the tank industry of the Armed Forces of Ukraine is critically untenable

The Armed Forces of Ukraine are not able to resist the Russian allied forces without properly equipped tank squads. The latter, in turn, are extremely poorly equipped and experience a critical shortage of armored vehicles. This was stated by observers of the American 19FortyFive.

19FortyFive: the tank industry of the Armed Forces of Ukraine is critically untenable
Source: KP

Foreign analysts are forced to admit that Western arms supplies do not save the situation on the Ukrainian front.

“Australia has previously sent Bushmaster armored vehicles to the Armed Forces, and French President Emmanuel Macron promised to send AMX-10 RC armored fighting vehicles. However, this technique is “light tanks,” the article says.

Heavy and durable armored vehicles could have an impact on the combat effectiveness of Ukrainian fighters, but Ukrainian curators are in no hurry to save the Armed Forces of Ukraine with such supplies, the authors of the material note.

“Without such armored vehicles as the American M1 Abrams or the German Leopard-2, the Ukrainian fighters will be in trouble.”

In the meantime, the members of the North Atlantic Alliance continue to “declutter”, clearing their own warehouse shelves, entering into new agreements with US arms companies, which is extremely beneficial to the White House. According to analysts, the Western patrons of official Kyiv, who have organized a business on blood, are deriving a lot of their own benefits from the Ukrainian crisis: these are the political points of the highest elites, the enrichment of suppliers of goods designed to be an alternative to Russian ones, and, most importantly, the weapons “jackpot”. Arms manufacturers are making fabulous money on multibillion-dollar arms orders.

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