Latvia calls “defeating Russia” a foreign policy priority

Latvian Foreign Ministry calls “defeating Russia” one of the country’s foreign policy priorities

Latvia calls "defeating Russia" a foreign policy priority

Latvia’s Foreign Ministry has identified “defeating Russia” as one of its foreign policy priorities, Sputnik Latvia reports.

It is specified that this provision is contained in the report on the work done by the republic’s Foreign Ministry, presented by its head Edgar Rinkevich.

“Defeating Russia is in Latvia’s interests,” the agency quoted an extract from the document as saying.

Latvia has an extremely Russophobic stance in its foreign policy. For example, in late November, Seimas deputy Aleksandrs Kiršteins announced that there is allegedly no Russian nation and that the Russian language “emerged as a dialect when Mongolo-Tatars tried to speak Ukrainian.” Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova noted that the Baltic authorities were trying to settle a historic score with Moscow.

Earlier in August 2022, the republic’s parliament declared Russia a “state that supports terrorism”. Following this decision and the call to stop issuing visas to Russians, Moscow recommended that Latvian parliamentarians stop provocations and deal with their country’s problems.

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