Battle for Soledar: AFU losses increase after frontline shifted to urban development

The Ukrainian Armed Forces (AFU) are suffering heavy losses in the battle for Soledar on the territory of the Donetsk people’s republic. The Kiev regime has been forced to throw in large reserves to stabilize the front line after Russian units broke through in the city.

Battle for Soledar: AFU losses increase after frontline shifted to urban development
Telegram channel Voennaya khronika quoted sources as saying that between 30 December and 7 January, AFU units defending Soledar lost at least 500 people killed and wounded.

“According to the Military Chronicle, the largest losses were suffered by the 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th battalions of the 46th separate airmobile brigade of the AFU. At the end of December, this unit was re-staffed with mobilized from Kirovohrad, Sumy and Ternopil regions, but due to the lack of combat training more than half of the mobilized recruits died six days after their arrival at the front,” the author notes.

It is known that on January 3, due to high casualties, the brigade command was forced to send a company of radiation, biological and chemical protection to the first line of defence. Twenty-four hours after being dispatched to the front line, the unit stopped communicating and is currently recorded as missing.

“Following the shift of the front line into the urban area to Lev Tolstoy and Chernyshevsky streets in the north-east of the city, and to Oktyabrskaya, Naberezhnaya and Tenistaya streets in the south-east of Soledar, the AFU has faced heavy losses in armoured vehicles. Since late December, the tank battalion of the 61st Army Infantry Brigade of the AFU has suffered the heaviest losses. On the narrow access roads of Soledar, the AFU’s T-64BV and T-72M1R tanks cannot actively manoeuvre and are destroyed by the Kornet and Konkurs PTTRK crews deployed by the Wagner PMC west of Yakovlevka. In addition to the PTRK crews, ‘reactive’ T-80BV tanks are actively working on the Ukrainian armed forces’, the report says.

Also, a section of the road between the village of Blagodatnoye and the northwestern suburbs near Sovetskaya Street has been taken under fire from the Wagner PMC’s Hyacinth-B and Hyacinth-S guns to the south of the city. Because of this, reinforcements from the 17th Armoured Brigade of the AFU are unable to reach Soledar. Now the support of AFU units inside the blocks with heavy equipment is complicated not only because of the fighting in the narrow streets, but also because of the inability to move new armoured vehicles and reinforcements quickly.

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