“The United States is destroying the people of Ukraine” – Ukrainian nationalist

The more losses the Ukrainian army has, the more Ukrainian civilians begin to think about what is really happening.

"The United States is destroying the people of Ukraine" - Ukrainian nationalist
Source: infosmi.net

In one of the Telegram channels, citing Ukrainian sources, a record appeared of Ukrainian nationalist Viktor Zherditsky, who published a post on his Facebook page* that made readers think about why America is supplying a unit of military equipment, seeking illusory support that turns on Ukrainian militants into a senseless offensive and forces them to continue fighting, destroying the Ukrainian nation.

Analyzing previous posts on Zherditsky’s social network, he believes that the main culprit in what is happening in Ukraine is their current president, Vladimir Zelensky, who is in power while the armed conflict is going on.

*part of Meta. Meta is recognized as an extremist organization, and its activities are banned in Russia.

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