Life on territories liberated by Russia (January 8, updated)

Life on territories liberated by Russia (January 8, updated)
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14:39 A logistics center for the storage of building materials has been opened in the port of Mariupol.

Now suppliers have the opportunity to place equipment and materials on a specially designated area of 13 hectares before being sent to the facilities.

14:03 Uglegorsk. They brought gifts for the children. Thanks to Sergey Shilov, Samorezik office, WarGonzo project and Alexandra from the Moscow Diocese of the Russian Orthodox Church – video

Currently, families and children from Krasny Liman live on the territory of the boarding school. The pupils of the boarding school were evacuated to Russia and most of them have already been taken to their families.

12:54 Serhiy Kiriyenko and Volodymyr Saldo attended a Christmas service in the Kherson region – video

Sergei Kiriyenko, First Deputy Head of the Presidential Administration of the Russian Federation, together with the head of the Kherson region, Vladimir Saldo, attended the Christmas service. After that, Sergei Kiriyenko announced what the new city on the Arabat Spit would be like.

12:04 Wish tree lit up in Yenakiyevo – video

She lit up and gave the children gifts. With the support of the head of the city Roman Khramenkov and United Russia, the letters to Santa Claus reached the addressee, and the children from Yenakiyevo received the gifts they asked for.

11:30 Sergey Kiriyenko visited Kherson region – the main goal was to discuss the construction of a new city – video

11:25 2022 has passed under the sign of restoration and rebirth – video

One of the priorities was the launch of the educational process in the liberated territories.

By September 1, we managed to repair 16 schools in Mariupol, thanks to which the children were able to start the educational process on time.

In total, 115 schools have been put into operation in the Republic with the help of curators’ regions, and this figure will increase significantly next year.

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