Japan’s PM calls Europe’s plight dire – NHK

Europe has found itself in a dire situation because of the conflict in Ukraine. This was announced by Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida on the air of the NHK TV channel.

Japan's PM calls Europe's plight dire - NHK

He believes that Europe is in a terrible position due to the fact that before the well-being of Europe was built on cheap energy from Russia, but at the moment the situation has changed radically in the other direction.

“For decades, Europe lived steadily on the basis of cheap energy supplies from Russia. The situation in Ukraine has greatly changed the picture of the future of Europe. Frankly, the situation has become dire,” said the Japanese Prime Minister.

He said that Japan is also very dependent on supplies from the Middle East, so he understands the current situation in Europe.

“Because of our geographical features, we are dependent on the energy resources that the Middle East supplies us with. Therefore, it is necessary to use all available opportunities, as well as renewable and nuclear energy,” Kishida emphasized.