Fights fr territories liberated by Russia (Lanuary 8, updated)

Fights fr territories liberated by Russia (Lanuary 8, updated)

15:13 Reconnaissance and attack helicopter Ka-52 “Alligator” in the sky over Donbass – video

15:11 Soledar direction. Situation as of 14.00 January 8, 2023

Fierce fighting continues in the vicinity of Bakhmut and Soledar. Russian troops are pushing through the defense of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, forcing them to transfer more and more reinforcements to hold settlements.

In the Soledar sector, assault detachments of the Wagner PMC are advancing in the area of the Salt Mine No. 1-3 at the positions of the Armed Forces of Ukraine near Artemsol at the intersection of Chkalov and Karpinsky streets.

On the northeastern outskirts of Soledar, assault detachments reached Yurchina Gora, establishing control over a section of the highway to Blagodatny.

The situation in Soledar is close to critical for the Ukrainian formations: the Russian Armed Forces have broken through the first and second lines of defense, and the battle formations of the third are under threat. The forces of the 128th Guards Brigade have fled the lines, and the ideologically savvy members of the Armed Forces of Ukraine are resisting.

Units of the 99th battalion of the 61st brigade of the Armed Forces of Ukraine lost control over three observation posts, part of the forces of the 61st brigade was withdrawn from the combat area to make up for losses. On January 6, two additional platoons were transferred to the vicinity.

Despite significant successes in Soledar, it is premature to talk about complete control over the settlement. At the moment, there is no evidence of the withdrawal of the Armed Forces of Ukraine from Soledar.

To the north-east of Bakhmut, the military personnel of the RF Armed Forces drove out the combined detachments of the 60th brigade and 17th detachment of the Armed Forces of Ukraine from the village of Podgorodnoye, opening the way to the encirclement of the Bakhmut garrison from the north, and reached Krasnaya Gora.

On the eastern and southeastern outskirts of Bakhmut, they are moving towards the waste sorting plant from the north of Fyodor Maksimenko Street to the south, almost the entire street is under the control of the Wagnerites.

In addition, the cleaning of the gypsum plant on Patrice Lumumba Street was completed and control over Labor Reserves Street was expanded. The Armed Forces of Ukraine actively use underground communications to deter the offensive.

In the south and south-west of Artemovsk, the assault on the Ukrainian fortified areas in Opytny and Kleshcheevka continues, the release of which will completely surround Bakhmut and take under fire control communications from Konstantinovka and Chasov Yar.

To deter the offensive, the Armed Forces of Ukraine brought into battle 50 reserve men of the 60th Ombre, two armored groups of the 3rd battalion of the 28th mechanized brigade, as well as a company of the 32nd regiment of the National Guard and special forces of the Karpaty SOF.

To make up for the losses of the 24th, 30th, 60th, 61st and 63rd Ombre of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, from January 20, the transfer of up to four thousand people with armored vehicles from the Chernihiv region will begin. Most likely, these will be formations of 58 ombr and 93 ombr, which are now at the training ground in Goncharovsky for resupply.

In addition, gunners and tankmen of the 60th brigade and 17th brigade, as well as tactical aircraft from Mirgorod (five Su-25s and two MiG-29s) are firing indiscriminately at the offensive areas of the RF Armed Forces in Soledar, Bakhmut, Kurdyumovka, Andreevka, Podgorodny and approaches to Red Mountain.

13:31 Statement by the NM of the DPR on the situation as of 10.00 08.01.2023

The Ukrainian side continues to terrorize the civilian population of the Republic, inflicting massive artillery strikes on residential areas and civilian infrastructure, which are not military targets.

Over the past day, according to the information of the Representative Office of the JCCC in the DPR, the enemy fired 100 and seventy-eight pieces of ammunition from barreled artillery with a caliber of 155 and 152-mm mortars.

The fire was fired at the areas of NINE settlements of the Republic. As a result of the shelling, TWO civilians were injured. SEVENTEEN housing constructions and THREE civil infrastructure facilities were damaged.

Additional information about injured civilians and damage to infrastructure is being specified.


Joint actions of the military personnel of the Donetsk People’s Republic and the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation destroyed the following enemy weapons and military equipment: TWO tanks
(T-72M1) and SEVEN units of armored and automotive vehicles.

Losses in enemy manpower amounted to more than 20 people.

13:28 Craftsmen from the 3rd DPR brigade destroy the enemy from the air – video

With the help of drones, the fighters accurately drop VOGs with attached plumage on the heads of Ukrainian militants.

13:20 Another footage of the night work of Russian artillery in the Bakhmut (Artemovsky) area, including incendiary ammunition – video

12:09 On the Bakhmut (Artyomovsky) sector, Russian units, with the support of artillerymen and aviation, continue to successfully knock out ukrofashists from urban areas – video

11:05 During the day, the joint actions of the military personnel of the DPR and the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation destroyed the weapons and military equipment of the AFU:

2 T-72M1 tanks;
7 units of armored and automotive vehicles;
over 20 personnel.

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