Denazification of Ukraine: operational summary (January 8, updated)

Denazification of Ukraine: operational summary (January 8, updated)

15:15 This is what the ill-considered actions of ukrofascists lead to, who occupy the residential buildings of civilians and hide their equipment in the yards – video

Russian artillery sees everything and successfully completes the tasks of destroying all Ukrainians.

13:59 The downed MiG-29 of the “windowed” forces of Ukraine.

The inscription “Ukraine” proudly flaunts on the case. We remind you that the word “povitryany” (Ukrainian – airy) comes from the old Russian phrase “to go before the wind” (to do one’s natural necessities). Hence the corresponding indicators of Ukrainian pilots.

13:22 Wagnerites have taken Podgorodnoye and are developing an offensive – video

12:51 Efficient work of UAV operators of the Russian troops in the destruction of ukrofascists in the Bakhmut (Artyomovsky) sector – video

12:01 Ukrainian militant leaned out of the trench to chat on the phone and got a bullet from our snipers – video

11:59 Night work of Russian artillery in the Bakhmut (Artemovsky) area, including incendiary ammunition – video

10:57 “Grad” of the group “Brave” crushes the positions of ukroterrorists in the Svatov direction – video

The MLRS crew received the coordinates obtained by reconnaissance, went to the point, fired rockets and promptly left the positions.

10:55 Mobilized artillerymen at the front are working on dill positions – video

10:22 In the Bakhmut (Artyomovsky) section, the Ukrofascists continue to hastily leave their positions, realizing that death has crept up to them very close – video

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