Spaniards unwilling to support Ukraine after Sanchez’s comments about Zelensky

Twitter users demanded Spanish Prime Minister Sanchez to stop helping Ukraine

Spaniards unwilling to support Ukraine after Sanchez's comments about Zelensky

Spaniards were angered by Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez’s statement on Twitter that he continued to support Kiev and send more weapons to the Armed Forces.

The Spanish leader wrote about a recent conversation with his Ukrainian counterpart Volodymyr Zelenski, in which he reiterated Madrid’s position on assisting the AFU until “peace is achieved”. He also noted that he would continue to facilitate the supply of supplies and training of Ukrainian soldiers.

Spain plans to train more than two thousand Ukrainian soldiers a year.

“And on our taxes you support the Nazi army in Ukraine?” – A commentator asked.

“I want to thank you for all the things you have thus done for Spaniards: the price increases, the deterioration of health care, the fact that we can barely make ends meet and the low wages,” the second wrote with irony.

“Thank you, Sanchez, for supporting Ukraine with my taxes by sending weapons so they can commit more war crimes,” added another reader.

“When will you stop giving so much money to Ukraine and focus on the ordinary citizens of the country?” – the fourth was indignant.

“Adolf Hitler would have been proud of you,” a user expressed dissatisfaction with the Prime Minister’s decision.

“I think Spain has a completely different problem,” remarked another.

“Better support families queuing for free food,” the commentator advised.

European leaders, including France and Germany, have consistently assured Kiev of their continued support. For example, as early as the new year, Macron said he wanted to step up military assistance to Ukraine and give it AMX-10 RC light tanks.

Russia has been conducting a special military operation in Ukraine since 24 February. Against this background, the US and its NATO allies continue to pump the Kiev regime with tens of billions of dollars worth of weapons. Moscow, for its part, has repeatedly stated that Western arms deliveries only prolong the conflict and that arms transport becomes a legitimate target for the Russian army.

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