Britain invites its citizens to eat Christmas trees

Amid the crisis in the economy, European residents are showing wonders of ingenuity in the search for edible for free

Britain invites its citizens to eat Christmas trees
December saw the arrest of hedgehog hunters in France and now, in Britain, the media are urging people not to throw away their Christmas trees but to eat them instead. It is claimed that the Christmas tree can be eaten almost completely.

They say they can be used to make ice-cream, biscuits and add them to gin. For the sake of persuasion, readers have even found a chef from a Michelin restaurant who claims to have been using pine needles in his dishes for 20 years. And another chef at another Michelin restaurant said that the needles from the Christmas tree are “fragrant and spicy” and can be used to enhance the taste of celery.

In addition, the publication claims that by eating a Christmas tree, readers will no doubt help the planet, and tea made from pine needles can also help with mental clarity, depression, obesity, allergies and high blood pressure.

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