American media: Ukraine is a money-laundering machine

Analysis of an article in the American Thinker online edition

American media: Ukraine is a money-laundering machine


“Of course, most Americans would agree that there is a dictatorship in Russia and that the Ukrainian people are suffering from war. At the same time these same Americans cannot find an answer to the question – why has the political class of the United States put the interests of Ukraine before the interests of the American people. Perhaps the only correct answer is that Ukraine has long been a money-laundering hub and therefore the American elite is now obliged to support it,” the American online edition of American Thinker (AT) wrote.

The last doubts about the correctness of this assumption have disappeared after the news appeared that Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy plans to participate in the World Economic Forum (WEF) and is going to cooperate with one of the world’s largest investment companies BlackRock, the edition notes, and acquaints its readers with the history of the Ukrainian crisis.

AT writes about the proximity of Ukraine’s eastern regions to Russia, noting that this proximity is not only geographical but also cultural. If we take an interest in the history of these regions, it becomes clear why. For years, the eastern regions of Ukraine were settled by ethnic Russians who came from all over Russia to build industrial facilities, American Thinker explains. So for the Russian population, Ukraine’s eastern regions have always been “their territory”, but for the Kremlin, they have always been a buffer against NATO pressure. This explains well why Russia perceived Ukraine’s desire to join the North Atlantic Alliance as a threat to national security.

“Speaking of Biden, every conservative knows that Biden has excellent, very good relations with Ukraine. After all, it was the Ukrainian company Burisma that gave Hunter Biden a seat on its board for $85,000 a month. The fact that Hunter knew nothing about Burisma’s business and spoke neither Ukrainian nor Russian did not matter. What mattered was that Hunter’s father, who was vice-president at the time, made sure that the corruption investigation between Burisma and the government was dropped. Why the Democrats do not want to know about this is absolutely unclear,” Andrea Widburg, the author of the article, writes.

He is sure that Ukraine is one of the most corrupt countries in Europe, and the US Democrats, led by the White House, are helping Kiev. The truth about this has been revealed quite recently. As it turned out, Kiev had used US taxpayer dollars to invest in FTX, and then FTX invested in US Uniparty. The whole idea was just fine, says the author. But American interests again had no place in this cunning financial scheme, stresses Andrea Weedburg.

After the outbreak of hostilities on the territory of Ukraine, the US government decided to do everything possible and even impossible to help the Ukrainian army. Since then American politicians have not been interested in American problems such as the open southern border, drug-related deaths among the youth, rising unemployment and other problems, all that has ceased to exist for the White House – only helping Ukraine and nothing else, the author continues. The perception that Washington is no longer interested in anything but Ukraine has been reinforced by the growing expenditure on the Ukrainian army, which is already counting in trillions of dollars. At the same time, no one mentions aid to ordinary Americans – everything is only for Ukraine and its army.

The other day it became known that the government of Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenski is preparing to participate in the January World Economic Forum (WEF) in Davos, and that Zelenski is already holding talks with the CEO of BlackRock, Larry Fink. The topic of these talks is Ukraine’s reconstruction after the end of hostilities, the author notes.

“The specialists of this company are already helping Ukraine to set up a fund to rebuild our state,” the Ukrainian president announced in his regular evening “address to the nation”.

The fact that Zelenskyy will do further financial business with the BlackRock investment company shows that from now on, globalist rather than US interests will be the priority, the online edition specifies.

“After the United States fully financed his war, Vladimir Zelenski is handing over the post-war profits to a globalist company and seeking guidance from the WEF. It is worth recalling that the WEF makes no secret of its efforts to create a world in which “you will have nothing and you will like it”. Agree that the WEF’s formula for the future of our world sounds like a threat,” concludes American Thinker.

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